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  1. #Accepted! Your rank will be given at 14:00 PM
  2. #Denied ! Adding bedwars would be a pain in the ass because we dont have enough players playing at the same time!
  3. #Accepted ! Minecraft username was not provided so we can't give you the rank yet. Please reply to this message with your account IGN
  4. #Accepted ! Welcome to our staff team! We will soon give your ranks!
  5. Accepted! Welcome into our forum mod team!
  6. Accepted! You are our first forum moderator!
  7. Doomix


    Name on minecraft: Bug: Evidence:
  8. Doomix


    Name on minecraft: Suggestion: Why should we add this: How much it will take us to add it:
  9. Doomix


    Name on minecraft: Why were you banned: When were you banned: By who were you banned: Do you think you changed in a better personality? Why should we unban you: What is your reputation on the server (if you weren't cheating):
  10. Name on minecraft: Name on discord with tag: How long have you played on this server: Do you have a hint of your last password? PS: Dont try to steal accounts, because we will verify in a call, all the members that have requested this and we will interview them. Members that try to steal accounts will get a permanent ban, not even being removed at a wipe.
  11. Doomix


    Name on minecraft: Age: Occupation: How much free-time do you have: On what mc server were you staff before: How did you find about us: How many players can you bring: How many votes do you have: Were you ever banned: What is your reputation in our community What is your best minigame played in our server:
  12. Doomix


    Acest regulament se aplica pentru toate categoriile de membri inregistrati in comunitatea Tempton Regulamentul este aplicat in toate categoriile apartinatoare forumului deoarece indiferent de grad, regulamentul este scris si respectat de toata lumea. 1. Username/profil/avatar/semnatura 1.1 User name/Display name sa nu contina cuvinte vulgare sau tenta rasista. Sa fie diferit de cel al persoanelor din echipa administrativa a forumului. 1.2 Avatarul/Semnatura/Headerul sa nu contina poze pornografice/tenta rasista sau care fac referire la acte de cruzime fata de oameni/animale. Inte
  13. Name of the guy reported: Reason: Evidence: Age:
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